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Roj Auto Franchise Details/Pricing

Roj Auto Enterprises Pvt.Ltd is bringing you once in a lifetime Franchise opportunity to open your own Roj Auto brand store for Car Accessories and multiple other services. 

In-depth details about Franchise

Roj Auto Franchise Details,  Contact us for more info on how to get started.

Roj Auto Enterprises franchises are a segment of the automotive OEM and aftermarket industry. The automotive OEM and aftermarket include all products and services purchased after the first sale of an automobile along with original equipment and parts available as well. This includes replacement parts, accessories, lubricants, appearance products, tires, collision repairs, the tools and equipment necessary to perform the work, etc. Major divisions of the Roj Auto Franchise include:

  • Aftermarket Parts and Accessories.
  • OEM Parts and Accessories.
  • Cosmetic and Paint, which includes Denting and Ceramic Coating as well.
  • Car Detailing Services.
  • Tinting Services and Car Paint Protection Wrap Services.
  • Rental Agents and Dealers.
  • Painting Required Machinery.
  • Access to our online inventory.
  • Area distributor for our online Retail service.

And much more. Please contact us for more in-depth details.

Being part of a franchise system can help keep auto shop owners keep informed and up to date with the developments in the industry through training and franchisee conferences. In this day and age of global competition, our franchisees have the best option to maintain steady rates and maximum profits than all the competitors.

What is the normal process?

The first step is getting in touch with the franchise by filling out an online profile either with the franchisor or on a franchise portal. Then, a franchise representative will contact you to start the process and send you additional information for your review, including the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). We as a franchise will invite you, as a prospect, to a Discovery Day. The Discovery Day usually involves the prospect traveling to the franchise’s corporate headquarters and spending the day learning more about the franchise opportunity and visiting with franchise executives. Our franchise will use a Discovery Day as an open house toward the beginning of the process, as kind of an information session. After approval, the time to open is typically dependent on how long it takes for the franchisee to acquire financing, find a site within the granted territory, secure a lease, complete build out of the facility, complete the franchise’s training program, and hire employees.

Initial Investment

Initial investment costs for auto franchises vary widely because of how many areas they cover.

Estimated Initial Investment Ranges for Auto Franchises, please remember this is a quote and is subject to change according to requirements.

A nearly universal part of the initial cost in buying a franchise is the franchise fee.

The franchise fee is a payment to the franchisor that covers the right to use the franchisor’s system (including trademarks and proprietary operating system), as well as services the franchisor provides to new franchisees such as help finding a location, training materials, etc.

The franchise fee can vary for franchisees within a single system depending on whether the franchise offers discounts of veterans, or other demographic groups, or if the franchise fee is dependent on the size of the territory granted, among other factors.

Other common items included in the initial investment which includes the total investment including Franchise fees and other fees of a franchise, it includes:

  • Travel costs for attending training
  • General office supplies and equipment
  • Industry-specific equipment, extra cost applicable according to need.
  • Leasehold improvements and construction, if real estate is needed, will provide hot zone areas and will help find leases if necessary. Extra cost applicable according to need.
  • Signage and decor (signage only, if a mobile franchise).
  • Inventory Access.
  • Professional fees (e.g., legal, licensing, accounting, etc.)
  • Grand opening advertising/marketing.
  • Initial insurance payments.
  • Online Access.
  • Online Retail Delivery Services.

And much more please continue below to learn more.

Ongoing Fees

Don’t forget to plan for the ongoing fees when considering a franchise purchase. The first item you’ll need to know and research in regards to ongoing fees is the royalty. Royalty fees serve as payment for continued use of the franchisor’s system. The manner in which franchises assess royalties vary. Below you will find all the total general fees we charge to get all setup and start your journey.

 Other regularly collected ongoing fees for franchises include items such as advertising and proprietary software after the initial phase which is applicable if extra things are needed. These items are in addition to normal business operating costs like utilities and payroll (if applicable) some of the costs associated are not paid to us directly but the bearer pays on his own ends. There are also other fees that are charged on an “as needed” basis such as audit fees, or for additional, non-mandatory training and other applicable things.

Prior to investing, the prospective franchisees should do their research and carefully review our franchisor’s FDD for more detailed information on all systems, procedures and costs. Also, prospective franchisees can utilize the listing of our franchise contact info within the FDD to ask questions of those who have more questions.

In-depth details on fees explained further in the document.


  • Franchise fees: –

Rs.25 lakh no refund after the initial agreement is signed.

  • Area development fees: –

 Customer Pays on his own behalf according to our plans provided. Space required 4000-5000 sq ft for all services including machinery and showroom. Conditions applies. Please contact for more details.

  • Deposit agreements/Bank Guarantee: –

Rs.50 lakh bank guarantee need to be provided. Conditions applies.

  • Investigation or due diligence fees: –

This is Included in the franchise fee.

  • Breach of agreement fees: –

If there is a breach of agreement Rs.50 lakh non refundable fee is charged legally.

  • Initial training fees: –

 Included in the franchise fee.

  • Software and hardware income: –

 Included in the franchise fee.

  • Site location and development-related fees: –

Customer Pays on his own behalf according to our plans provided.  Prime Area selected for the Franchisee and the selection of the area cost is included but the development cost must be paid by customer and if leasing the area all applicable fees have to paid as rent, check continuing fees for more details.

  • Initial Equipment Provided but does not include some machinery the cost is additional, initial inventory: –

Rs.1cores for goods and inventory on your behalf needs to be provided as sufficient income, of which half can be bank guarantee and half of that needs to be for inventory costs on your behalf.

  • Future inventory cost will be per requirement of the customer and is not Included in the franchise fee.
  • Promotional materials are Included in the franchise fee.
  • Other a la carte fees are Included in the franchise fee.
  • Paint mixing Machine is additional thing we provide for which the franchisee has to pay Rs.45 lakh according to current rates, may be subject to changes according to market condition.


  • Successor or renewal agreement fees if applicable.
  • Transfer and assignment fees if applicable.
  • Testing and evaluation if applicable.
  • Post termination and post expiration expenses
  • Audit costs and penalties if applicable.
  • Relocation fee if applicable.
  • Costs and attorney fee if applicable.
  • Insurance paid by the franchisee.
  • Audit if applicable.
  • Convention and other meetings registration and fees if applicable. But most of them included.
  • Management and administrative fee if applicable.
  • Loss of manuals if applicable.
  • Market Introduction (Grand Opening) marketing if applicable but most of them already included.
  • Liquidated damages if applicable.


  • Royalty: –

10% royalty of revenue per annum can be negotiated depending on the conditions.

  • Initial, continuing, and replacement training: Applies as necessary first time included additional needs to be paid by the franchisee.
  • Staff certification: Not applicable but Included in the franchise fee
  • Software licensing Included in the franchise fee
  • IT help desk Included in the franchise fee
  • Credit card service processing fees: –

Will be paid accordingly to the processer/bank for the machine/fees, but for the setting it up that cost is Included in the franchise fee.

  • Franchise Advisory Council and other required memberships: –

Included in the franchise fee.

  • Field services: –

If needed Training Provided and is Included in the franchise fee. Only One time training is provided for recurring training those extra fees apply as necessary.

  • Leases and property management: –

Franchisee pays on his own.

  • Equipment and signage rental: –

Included in the franchise fee for processing and finding the place but the monthly rental should be paid by the franchisee.

  • Guarantees and warranties: –

This is for the products and Conditions apply, only if applicable.


(May not actually be income to franchisor)

  • Initial and continuing national/regional/local brand fund contribution: –

Included in the franchise fee

  • Local store marketing requirements: –

Included in the franchise fee

  • Cooperative contributions: –

Included in the franchise fee

  • Yellow page requirements: –

Included in the franchise fee

  • Supplemental contributions: –

Included in the franchise fee


All applicable marketing cost and spendings are handled by the Franchisor and are included in the Franchise Fees.

Our Franchise Fees / Pricing

Below you will find all the total general fees we charge to get all setup and start your journey.

Franchise Fees

Initial Franchise Fee to gain all required things. Non refundable after initial agreement signed.

Cash Product Purchase/ Initial Inventory

Franchisee needs to provide cash balance of Rs. 50 lakh capability to purchase inventory required to open the Franchise. We will give you products worth of 1 core , another 50 lakh can be bank guarantee.

Bank Guarantee

Needs to provide Bank Balance Guarantee as proof of funds to start the business. We will give you product worth of 1 core and 50 lakh has to be cash balance.

Central Warehouse Cash Backup Deposit

Needs to provide this stock cash balance as deposit to buy inventory.

Royalty Fees

10% royalty charged of yearly sales every year.  Negotiable.

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